Madeleine McCann’s abduction - Special Report (05:05 am, May 20 - 2007)

Robert Murat was under close police surveillance since the morning of May 4, the day after Madeleine was abducted

The main suspect (and only one, until now) in the Madeleine McCann abduction, Robert Murat, was under close police surveillance since the morning of May 4, the following day to the child disappearance. From that moment on, all of his movements and contacts were monitored by investigators of Polícia Judiciária (PJ - Portuguese Criminal Investigation Department). On the early hours of that day, after the first journalists arrived at the local, Murat was near the Ocean Club and talked with several of them.

Casually dressed, with jeans, blue plastic sandals and a blue and white chequered shirt, Murat took the initiative to talk with two Portuguese journalists, saying that he knew very well Madeleine’s parents, that they were both doctors, and he was “deeply disturbed with the abduction, because he had a three year old daughter who, by coincidence, was also called Madeleine”. His daughter, as was later revealed, is called Sophia.

During that day, Murat seemed to be everywhere, helping British journalists with translations, buying water in Batista supermarket to take to the GNR policemen guarding the area, asking if there was any news about Madeleine and even giving some predictions, like: “They will never find the child, probably she is already in Spain”, one the first Portuguese journalists at the crime scene told Gazeta Digital. These kinds of comments were also reported by British journalists. Next day, May 5, Saturday, he followed the same pattern. That day, around 7:00 pm, a Portuguese journalist saw him sitting at a table of Batista’s supermarket terrace, chatting with a young man – the Russian computer expert Sergei Malinka who was also questioned by police and is a witness in this case.

Murat and Malinka were here, sitting side by side, on Saturday May 5
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But on Sunday, according to Portuguese journalists, Murat seemed to have vanished. Most of them say they never saw him, but some say that he was there, sporadically, and adopting a lower profile. After Sunday, May 6, he didn’t showed up, at all. British Press reported that he went to UK, for a couple of days, and then back to Portugal. Gazeta Digital has learned that Portuguese police was able to get extensive and detailed footage of Murat’s movements and contacts, while he was among journalists and police officers or inside the Ocean Club, during those days.

Formal suspect

On May 15, Polícia Judiciária revealed at a Press Conference that they had a formal suspect, a male, 33 years of age, and that he was released, for lack of evidence, but was under a restraining order from the court – meaning he can’t leave this area (“concelho”, a Portuguese municipality). Searches at his mother’s house, where he lives sometimes – sources told Gazeta Digital he has several houses in Algarve – produced a lot of apprehended material that is being analysed at the Portuguese Police Scientific Laboratory. British Police - which has several experts working with the Portuguese police - was informed about the material, but analysis is being done only in the Portuguese Laboratory. Results of the most important analysis were expected today, May 19, according to SIC, a Portuguese TV Channel.
Murat was taken to Polícia Judiciária headquarters in Portimão on May 14 and went under interrogation for 14 hours. About the night Madeleine disappeared, he said that he was at home with his mother, and had dinner there – an information that was confirmed by Jennifer Murat.
But police detected several phone calls from Murat to a few friends, asking them if they have been together at that night, also according to CM. Another detail is the fact that Sergei Malinka called Murat, at that night, twice – first, his mother's home number and, as nobody answered, his mother’s mobile – between 11:30 and 11:40 pm.

Web site suspended and reactivated

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Murat’s business web site,, is just an advertisement site, for real estate in Algarve. A person willing to sell a house pays 37 euros to have his advert published there. The site was built by Sergei Malinka. Romigen is a company set up by Robert Murat and Michaela Walczuch (or Walczuk, as there are some doubts about it), a registered real estate professional, a foreigner of German and Polish origin, living in Algarve for many years, that Robert met when he worked, for a short period, on a real estate company. The site registration was made in April 6, 2006, at 07:11 pm, but with the name of Robert Muray (a possible mistake, as letter "t" and "y" are togheter in the keyboard). The address is from Casa Liliana, the residence of Murat’s mother, Mrs. Jennifer Ann Murat. The home number and mobile phone are from Murat’s mother. Gazeta Digital checked both of them, but the mobile phone has been disconnected, on a date we couldn’t find.

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The site, in Portuguese, English and German, has a mobile phone and a home phone, listed as contacts. The home number is listed in the front page, as a contact for those that “don’t have a computer or require any assistance”. Both numbers belong to Michaela Walczuch, who is M. Murat’s girlfriend – even if she still lives in the same house with her husband. The couple has an independent life, as if they were divorced, but live together because of their 8 years old daughter. The home number is from their residence, in Lagos. The mobile number is registered under the name Michaela António, her “husband” family surname.

There was a registered access to the web site database, by the administrator of the site, on May 15, at 08:00 pm. The site was closed on May 16, at 23:00 pm and put back online May 19, 01:36 am, sources told Gazeta Digital. On May 15, Polícia Judiciária declared formally that they had a suspect, later revealed by he media to be Robert Murat. Portuguese TV channel SIC also said that Murat, a regular Internet user, stopped accessing the Net on the day Madeleine was abducted, during almost one week. The Russian computer expert, Sergei Malinka, told journalists that the only relation he had with Murat was a professional one, when he helped him to create the web site. According to Correio da Manhã, the police found that both computers apprehended at Malinka’s home had all files in the hard-disk wiped out, but we didn’t confirmed this detail.
(End of part I - Posted 05:05 am, May 20 2007)


Tj said...

Thank You, Paulo!

me said...

I think what you are doing is fab and keep up the reporting...also if this helps would you check it all out?
psychic link for madeleine, we need someone to check this out as it seems no-one has managed to use this info even if the police take this seriously at all. Your investigating skills could be just whats needed!

Ahura Mazda said...

"Michaela Walczuch (or Walczuk, as there are some doubts about it"


Why are there any doubts about her spelling name?

Agora escrevo em português, que é mais rápido.
Ela tem registo de pessoa colectiva com a denominação: Michaela Walczuch e tem um registo telefónico com a mesma grafia.


Paulo Reis said...


That was my mistake. Another journalist told me there were doubts about the right spelling of her name (very small diffrence, one letter, between her passport and her ID card). I didn't double-checked this detail, as I always do with every detail I get.

pds said...

Hi Paulo,

I have a few questions I can't get my head around - just basic information, really.

1. Who were the other (8?) people in the McCann party? None of them has been interviewed by media and none of their identities are public. Why would that be?
2. These people are very close friends of the McCanns - they had arranged to go on holiday together. But none of them has been seen since. Why might that be? Is it police regulations?
3. One of them is the sole witness of the potential abductor - I would have expected her to be all over the British press this week saying 'what have you done with Madeleine' or something. Instead, nothing. Is it public who she is?
4. Where was she coming from when she saw the man? Was she alone? Where was he coming from? And in what direction was he going? Why was she going to have dinner with the McCanns so late at 9.30?
5. The man now in charge of the McCann campaign is a senior media person with the Foreign Office in London. Is it known why he was picked? Who is paying for him? Has there been any comment in the Portuguese press about the British government's involvement in the case?
6. In Britain, we have seen no photos or footage at all of the apartment, the complex or the tapas bar. (Thanks for the pics you've posted, by the way.) There has been no 'walk through' of possible abduction routes. No photos of the windows, the doors or shutters, of any kind - not even artists drawings. Why is that?
7. Is there a timeline for the family's movements on Thursday, May 3? Who was the last person to see Madeleine?
8. Do you think the PJ believe the witness testimony? Do you think they don't believe it and that's the reason why they were reluctant to release the information?
9. Who was the person under a blanket in the car which left the police station on the Thursday or Friday after the disappearance, when the parents were brought there?
10. Is Murat known to the McCann family? When Mr McCann was asked this on Sky and BBC, even the question was left out as was his answer.

There are so few real definite facts. Also, I think there is a falling off in press interest in Britain since the Vatican visit.

Paulo Reis said...

Mr pds:

I'm late in my answer to your questions... Yesterday, my parents brought back home their little dog, mauled by a pit bull on Sunday, May 27. When my father saw the dog, with his rear legs paralized, trying to walk to his prefered resting place (near the sofa, in the living room where my father always sits, watching tv and reading newspapers)he just broke down, completly. I was at his side, as I knew something like that will happen. I had to carry him to bed and, later, to a doctor, again, because his blood pressure was 19...

So, I brought him back home and had to stay there, until late at night and I was sure he was stabilized...

Now, I'm going thruough some 80 emails and, as soon as I finish that, I'l try to ansewr your wuestions..


Paulo Reis

PS - You asked the same questions here: but signed but there is a "s" missing, in your nicknmame, right? It's the same person, I believe.

So, I'll answer your questions in the box comments of the post "Report sent to British Police by Mrs. Mari Olli about Madeleine's sighting in Morocco" and I'll post a copy here, ok

Best regards

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...

Zero Tolerance for Owners of Dangerous Dogs

I forget to mention: I started a campaign to collect signatures and petition the Portuguese Parliament for a more severe law, in Portugal, aimed at having a better control over the OWNERS of ANY DOG that, because of his SIZE, WEIGHT and BITE STRENGTH (from Pit Bulls and German Sheppard to the "peaceful" Saint Bernard breed) may harm seriously a human being.

Just a note: I had a house in Africa, Angola, (sorry,Baroness von Blixen-Finecke, for the plagiarism...) where I grew up, playing football in the streets, barefoot (because we had mixed race teams and as most black kids didn't had shoes, we, white boys, agreed to play barefoot for the safety of the toes of the black boys...)

I don't remember to have less than four dogs at our large backyard (most of them stray dogs of undefined breed that we found abandoned). I love dogs! I'm not a dog hater, I have a dog, my parents have two dogs and a cat (one of the dogs and the cat were found abandoned by my mother..) and if I allowed it, my son (who wants to be a veterinarian...) would bring home every stray dog he finds... I have against pit bulls, rotweiler, or any other breed (in fact, I talk almost everyday with the owner of the pit bull that mauled my father's dog and I have a friendly relation with him. It was a stupid accident, the dog jumped from his car when he was putting him inside and he is my neighbour,lives near my home...)

The signatures to be sent to the Portuguese Parliament must be only from Portuguese citizens. But I intend to expand this campaign and petition also the European Parliament, for the same. Soon, I'll put on line a page, with the text of the petition, to collect signatures to send it to the European Parliament.

So all of you that agree with this, please go to that page and leave you full name and ID card number or any other identification document. The page will be on line today (I hope...) and the link will be in this page:

Best regards,

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...



instaed of:

"I have against pit bulls, rotweiler, or any other breed"

Paulo Reis said...


Somebody can tell me, the distance between LEICESTER CITY and SOME OF THE MAIN CITIES of South Yorkshire area, LIKE SHEFFIELD? Or/and send me a map where I can find the city of Leicester and the biggest cities of South Yorkshire?

Same thing for the geographical position and distance from LEICESTER CITY TO NORTH EAST AREA (MAIN CITIES) and MANCHESTER.

Thank you.

Paulo Reis

IAN said...

some of the main UK map websites

Paulo Reis said...


Thank you for that


Lizabethmouse said...


Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication. It is my strongest hope that your efforts, combined with those of law enforcement and countless others, will lead very soon to the safe return of Madeleine McCann to her family.

Paulo Reis said...


Thank for your kind words!!

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Hello Paulo
You are carrying out a wonderful job and wish you all success. I notice from your earlier post that you enquire about cities in South Yorkshire such as Sheffield. I live in Sheffield, is there any info that I could give you?
Best wishes, Helen

Paulo Reis said...


Thank you very much for your kind words! About Sheffield, I was trying to know how many miles is it the distance from Leicester to Sheffield, for reasons that I will publish, onde day, I'm sure (just don't know when, yet!!!)

Many of my readers told me the answer for that. Keep in touch, ok?

And thank you again!

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

dumb question.... there is a picture of Gerry and the three children on the official Madeleine website. I believe I read it was one of the last ones with Maddy.... there is a guy standing in the background, looking at the family? He looks kinda creepy. It seems too obvious that it could be anyone involved, but I think I read a report about a lady who had stayed at the resort and she caught a man taking pictures of little girls on the beach. Sorry for all the questions, but any idea on what is going on with the investigations of the Arab family and the boat? This whole deal is so sad, I cannot even imagine what the McCann family is going thru.

Anonymous said...


I forgot to say thank you for all your hard and ethical work! I think we are all impatient to see Madeleine home safe with her family... where she belongs! I pray everyday that happens soon!

Thank you,
PS... I am mom in the US and stumbled upon this site... enjoy some quality time with your wife!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading but I see loads of questions and no answers in the comments bit, am I looking in the wrong place, is there another page where you answer the questions.

Anonymous said...

And what about this ?

Secret room found under suspect's villa

By Fiona Hudson in London

May 18, 2007 02:00am
Article from: The Courier-Mail

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* Forensic experts find secret room under house
* Suspect continues to proclaim innocence
* Still no sign of four-year-old Madeleine

FORENSIC experts yesterday searched a secret chamber under the villa of a British man suspected of abducting missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

They entered the room by a hidden trap-door in the loungeroom floor of main suspect Robert Murat's home in Portugal.

Retired builder Des Taylor, 78, who once owned the villa in which Mr Murat lives with his mother Jenny, 71, tipped-off police about a trap-door leading to a secret chamber under the loungeroom.

"There is a square hole in the living room with a concrete slab that can be lifted up," he said.

Mr Murat is the only formal suspect in the case and continued to declare his innocence through family members yesterday.

In another intriguing development, police also searched the apartment of a Russian computer expert who created a business website for Mr Murat.

Sergey Malinka, 22, was questioned by police who seized two hard drives, a laptop and a black rubbish bag of equipment.

Mobile phone records are understood to show Mr Murat phoned the Russian soon after the little girl disappeared.

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