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Portuguese Press: Headlines (*) and news about Madeleine McCann abduction

Today, all the national weekly (two) and daily newspapers (four) have news about Madeleine. Four of them have the story on front page.

Correio da Manhã (CM) has the largest headline, with a picture of McCann couple and their twins. The newspaper has new and important details about the case. Hard-disks of both computers of Sergei Malinka, aprehended by police, had all files wiped out. Also, Malink called Robert Murat at the night Madeleine was abducted, around 11:30 pm. First call was made to home number of Murat’s house, second was made to the mobile phone of Murat’s mother, a 79 years old lady. Sergei, according to CM, told police he doesn’t remember why he called Murat, and only remembers having done a single phone call.

Jornal de Notícias has a small headline on front page and a full page inside. The story refers also the phone calls and the car rented by Murat on May 12, in such a hurry that the employee was suspicious and called police to report the fact.

Público doesn’t have a front page call. Inside, page 5, they have a ¼ page news, with a general report of the situation. They refer, like moste other newspapers, that police divers have been searching a wheel, in a house nearby Lagos.

Diário de Notícias reports, on front page, new searches made at several houses in Praia da Luz. Central pages have a report about Madeleine, with many references to the international impact that her abduction had.

Expresso, the leading weekly Portuguese newspaper, has a small headline on front page: “30 daily reports from people saying that hey saw Madeleine”. Pages 12 and 13 have a report about the case and a story comparing statistics about missing children from several countries (Just a few details - reported cases of missing underaged persons every year (- 18 years old):

Portugal = One thousand cases
United Kingdom = Between 70 and 100.000 cases
Belgium = Around 2.500 cases
United States = 800.000 cases

The weekly Sol doesn’t have a front page call, but dedicates pages 26 and 27 to the story, with a report about four cases of kidnapped Portuguese children, all successfully solved by police and an interview with Christine Beddoe, head of “Protecting Child Everywhere” (ECPAT UK) one of the most important British ONG that monitors child abduction all over Europe. Some quotes of the interview:

- “We don’t’ belive this case is related at all with child trafficking”
- “Portugal was never refered, in international reports (about child trafficking) as a ‘source or destiny of children (trafficking)”
- “(…) in 2006, 48 children were missing only in the Birmingham and Newcastle area”

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