Martin Brunt: another howling blood-thirsty British tabloid journalist, willing to kill – or let someone be killed – to have a story (*)

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What you call a “minefield of flyers” is a serious, professional and ethically oriented, non-tabloid coverage of the sad event of Madeleine abduction. I’ll make available, at my web page (Gazeta Digital), within a couple of hours, headlines and highlights of the Portuguese Press from the last days, with pictures of front pages and links to the stories online.

This may allow British viewers and readers to have a conclusion about how wrong you are, with your racist comments, more proper from a member the Schutzstaffel.

You, Mr. Martin Blunt, are a good(?) example of those howling blood-thirsty British tabloid journalists, willing to kill – or let someone be killed – to have a story. That’s ok with me, as you keep this low form of life inside your country and don’t export it to Portugal.

Most of the British journalists, reporting from Algarve, behave as if they were following a National Geographic expedition to study the not-so-long-ago-cannibal tribes in the deep jungles of New-Guinea. But you, Mr. Martin Blunt and the journalists and editors of Daily Mail and the, went a little further and showed how strong is your fidelity to the ideas of the author of “Der Mythus des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts" [The Myth of the XX Century].

Hope you are aware that this post is what is considered, both in British Law and Portuguese Law, an offensive remark, made through the media (aggravated circumstance…). Now, it’s not the right moment to do it, but I can promise you that, once Madeleine McCann case is closed – and I hope, with Maddy being reunited with her parents – you will heard, not from me, but from my solicitor. And probably, also from a few other solicitors from many other Portuguese journalists…”

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(*) This is a copy of the comment I posted, several hours ago, at the Blog of Mr. Martin Brunt. As I expected, it wasn't published, until now (13 May 2007, 11:35 pm). And at the bottom of the Blog, there is, now, a single comment and a revealing message:

"Comments: Extraordinary to say the very least! Posted by: Khalid 1 May 2007 18:40:04 - The comments to this entry are closed.

UPDATE: The above reference is wrong. The post I refered to is still open for comments, but my comment wasn't yet published, until now (11:53 pm, May 13 2007). I made a mistake and looked at the bottom of another post (Terror And Coincidence) instead of looking at the post I mentioned (Source Of Sources)


Rafaela said...

Alo Paulo!!

Loving your work right now! It's important to clarify several things about the Portuguese culture, media, police investigation, law etc.

The only thing I find a bit inapropriate is to make references to Adolf Hitler etc. I think you're losing a bit of ground here!! But that's my opinion anyway!! I think you dont need to make your point stroger making references to Hitler at all!!

But I totally agree with you!! Some circles of the British media have been absolutely appaling in their news reports... with bigotry going from right to left...

Just to clarify the 'colhoes' thingy... not excusing the use of the word at all... but I'm just thinking that probably there was some misunderstanding in translating the word 'bollocks' (most likely the word this journo had in mind) to 'colhoes' (very strong word in Portuguese which doesnt correspod at all to the mild meaning of the word 'bollocks' in English!).

Keep up the good work!

Paulo Reis said...


Thank you for your kind words. May be you're rigth, and I overreacted.. But I was schoked to read what they published... About the word "c******, Rafaela, I dindn't tranlated it! Take a look at the blog of Mr. Martin, he used the Portuguese word:

Best regards,

PAulo Reis

Rafaela said...

Hi again,

Yes I know you didnt translate it... but imagine this journo asking to someone who speaks Portuguese but is not fluent in English...'How do you say bollocks in Portuguese?'... 'Bollocks?'... 'Yes you know the balls [pointing to his balls], you know the Spanish word is Cojones..." 'Ah!! Colhoes?!'

Done!! Misunderstanding!!

You see what I mean?

Anyway... it doesnt matter! This journo was well out of order by using this obscene word!! And for not even checking exactly the seriousnous of the word in Portuguese... it is as serious as the 'C' word in English (very obscene word used to describe the female sexual organ). Just to clarify some of the English speaking readers out there about the obscenity of the word used.