Polícia Judiciária has more suspects

Resort employees being questioned

Yesterday, Madeleine parents "were subjected to police interrogation" at the CID regional headquarter. “Even if chief-inspector of PJ Olegário Sousa has emphasised, at a Press conference, that McCann couple was questioned again ‘because it was necessary to clarify the investigation, but they were not suspects at all’, it seems strange a so long police interrogation”, says the newspaper. Today's edition of Diário de Notícias also quotes several unidentified staff members of the resort where McCann family has been, saying that Madeleine parents "never left the table to check their kids, while they were dinning". Also, they requested the baby-sitter services during the day, “but refused it during the night, even if baby sitting services were included in the holyday package they bought”, writes the newspaper. "My sons are find like that", is a comment that the newspaper says would have been made by one of the Madeleine parents to a staff member.

U.K. Parents of Missing Girl Vow to Leave “No Stone Unturned”
May 11
Quote: ““We have now seen at first hand how hard the police are working in the search for Madeleine and their strong desire to find her,'' McCann said. ``We have also seen the resources being put into the investigation.''

“Results are zero” in hunt for Madeleine
May 11