Adolf Hitler, the nazis, and some journalists and editors from a few British newspapers

Like in the UK, in Portugal police officers need to be physically and mentally fit. To be a candidate to a CID officer job in Portugal, people must have a university degree [35% of new recruits are chosen among those that have a Law degree] and they go through very demanding physical and medical tests [and I know it very well, because my younger sister tried it, but she wasn’t admitted].

To admit that a high ranking CID officer, in charge of a investigation so important like the abduction of Madeleine, could approve a “sketch” like the one you published and send a team to the field, to show that “sketch” to some potential witnesses, asking if they could “recognize” the person on that “sketch”, is to admit that Portuguese CID (“Polícia Judiciária”) has a lot of seriously mentally handicapped people in it’s ranks, even in the highest positions.

Accepting this story as truthful, genuine and authentic, and publishing it, shows how strong is the influence of Alfred Rosenberg ideas among journalists and editors of the Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Indeed, Portuguese police officer have been portrayed in the British media as members of a inferior race or “clowns” – as Mrs Jan Moir, from The Telegraph, wrote.

Thursday, at lunch time, Madeleine parents went to the regional headquarter of CID police, in Algarve. The mother went back to the hotel at 11:00 pm. The father was there until 03:00 am – 13 hours, at all. Large part of that time was used to give Mr Gerald McCann and his wife a detailed briefing of the investigation Portuguese police has been conducting. Some of that time I believe was used to call the attention of Mr and Mrs McCann to the necessity of telling ALL THE THRUTH to police investigators, as staff members of the resort told police that Madeleine parents didn’t check not even once if their kids were well, while they were dinning, according to today’s edition of Diário de Notícias (*). Let me remind you that Madeleine parents told to police and to the Press that they have been checking the kids, left alone in their room, every 15/30 minutes.

The fact is that a large part of the British media is giving an image of the Portuguese police - and of the Portuguese people - as a lost Neanderthal tribe that survived the Stone Age and is still living in a remote corner of Europe, with its primitive traditions and culture.

Some British journalists, reporting from Algarve, behave as if they were following a National Geographic expedition to study the not-so-long-ago-cannibal tribes in the deep jungles of New-Guinea. But you, journalists and editors of Daily Mail and The Telegraph, went a little further and showed your strong appreciation of the author of “Der Mythus des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts" [The Myth of the XX Century].

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