António Toscano, the real face of a hoaxer (I)


Mr. Toscano was interviewed, last Fryday, by "Nettavisen", a Norwegian newspaper


Antonio Toscano, the "investigative journalist" who, interviewed yesterday, June 12, by Daily Express, said that he was “100 per cent certain” he knew the identity of Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper, is also an expert in satanic groups, according to an interview he gave to another Spanish daily, La Opinion de Murcia, who calls him “one of the greater experts in the study of satanic groups in Spain”, emphasising that he is a regular collaborator of special units of Spanish Police Force, in charge of the investigation of those satanic sects.

Mr António Toscano also claimed to be an expert in the investigation of cases of missing children and told Diário Digital, a Portuguese on line news site, that he had an amazing track record: “I found 14 of the 15 missing children cases I investigated, for the last years”, he said. But an officer of “Gabinete de Prensa” (Press Office) of Spanish CID (“Policia Judicial) contacted by phone by Gazeta Digital, said that Mr. António Toscano is “a person unknown to that Spanish Police force”.

The cruel hoax of Mr. Toscano was denounced by Gazeta Digital on June 10th, in a post published in our page “Blogging About Madeleine McCann's Case”. The first allegations of Mr. Toscano were printed by the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, on June 7th, but the story is available, on line, only to subscribers. The following days, his claim that he knew the man who kidnapped Madeleine and could help to find her, was quoted by thousands of blogs and dozens, may be hundreds of newspapers (from UK and Portugal to Germany and Brasil ) and what seems to be an indirect reference was made, at least by Sky News.

Antonio Toscano, the alleged “investigative journalist” who claimed to know the name of Madeleine's abductor is an hoaxer, who introduced himself, previously, as an expert in satanic cults, in several interviews with Spanish newspapers an TV. António Toscano was quoted, last week, by the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, saying that he his an “expert in missing children cases” and yesterday, talking to a Portuguese newspaper claimed that his track record his so good that he "found 14 of the 15 missing children cases that he investigated”, during the last years.

Many Portuguese and British newspapers quoted the story published by "El Mundo", but some of them wrote that Mr. António Toscano was a journalist working with the Spanish daily or a collaborator of that daily. "Gazeta Digital" talked with Mr. Rafael Moiano, a journalist from "El Mundo" and he confirmed that Mr. Toscano was interviewed and the story was published last week, but denied any link between Mr Toscano and the newspaper: "Mr. Toscano is not a collaborator of 'El Mundo', we just published a story, last week, about its investigations"

Toscano’s most acclaimed case: The “paedophile network” of Bar Arny

The “investigative journalist” and expert in “missing children” that claimed a rate of success of 93,4 per cent (14 cases solved in a total of 15...) gave a interview to Virginia Lopez (*), from the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, last week. Mr Toscano revealed to the journalist that the description of the main suspect, issued to the Press by Polícia Judiciária on May 25, “had a name ans surname” and he knew that man. “According to his investigation, the suspected abductor of Madeleine, seen in the city of Seville, one week before her disappearance, told that he was going to Algarve, to visit some friends”, wrote “El Mundo”.

The alleged abductor and the witness that saw him in Seville (apparently, also the source of Mr. Antonio Toscano) “meet when they were both regular clients of Bar Arny (or Arnie)– the operational base of a network of child prostitution, uncovered in 1995. “A few well known people were accused" of being part of the network “but nobody went to jail”, writes “El Mundo”. Mr Toscano claimed to have uncovered that pedophile network. But nobody went to jail “because most witnesses, including nº 1 witness, retracted from their accusations, and almost all of the 48 men accused were acquitted”, according to on line edition of ABC Spanish newspaper.” On 2005, The main witness, Mr. José António B, was sentenced to 15 years of jail, for the murder of a 72 years old man, who hired him to have sexual relations”. According to the same source.

Mr. António Toscano took the case to the Spanish Police, after he was threatened and beaten by members of the pedophile network. The case was dismissed, by courts in the cities of Valencia and Castelló, as groundless, and whitout evidence to support it. Mr Toscano didn't give up and appealed to Spanish Supreme Court, “Audiência Nacional”. On March 4, 2005, Spanish Supreme Court rejected the appeal, based on a report of Policía Judicial (Spanish CID) of Castelló, who had investigated the complains about the existence of a child prostitution ring that “was responsible for kidnapings and murders of children”, denounced by António Toscano. “The Police investigation dind't found any evidence of the existence of any organized network of that kind” considered the Spanish Supreme Court, according to a newspaer of Valencia, “Levante – El Mercantil Valenciano”.

Story published by “El Mundo” (2), about Mr. Antonio Toscano investigations

In the track of Madeleine

“Spanish journalist says he knows Madeleine's abductor”

By VIRGINIA LOPEZ, special report for EL MUNDO - LISBOA (June, 7 2007)

Madeleine McCann vanished since more than one month and, even if Portuguese Police says that they keep on working in the case, the truth is that days are passing and there are no news about where is Madeleine. (...) Her parents started a European tour (...) to take her picture to all corners of Europe. Until now, the only thing that has been revealed is the description of a Caucasian man, 1.75 meters high, dark skin, strongly build (1), between 35 and 40 years old, who could have taken the girl, wrapped in a blanket, the night she disappeared, and dressing a dark coat and light coloured trousers This man has a name and a surname and the investigate journalist Antonio Toscano, who, since a few years, has been working with similar disappearances, guarantees that he knows him. According to his investigations, the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine was seen in Seville, a week before her disappearance, saying that he was on his way to Algarve, to visit some friends.

These two persons meet at “Arny Bar” - where, in 1995, a case of children abuse and prostitution was discovered; three years after that, most of the famous implicated were free, without charges and nobody was sentenced in the case. What Mr Toscano found and told to “El Mundo” is that the alleged kidnapper of Maddie, who would be acting by request with other accomplices, has already spend time in jail for a paedophile crime, (committed) out of Spain, and he could be working with an international European ring (of paedophiles): “Little Maddie wasn't an 'opportunity case' and she was selected much time before her disappearance, probably still in UK”, said Antonio Toscano.”

When he (Antonio Toscano) got the information, the (Spanish) investigative journalist contacted Madeleine's parents and offered his services to help find Madeleine. Clarence Mitchell, spokeswoman of McCann family, accepted a meeting, with a condition: the Spanish journalist should work with Portuguese Police, since Madeleine's parents always insisted that any information about where Madeleine could be, had to go through Police, before (reaching them). But, after a few days (following this contact with Clarence Mitchell) nobody close to McCann family contacted Antonio Toscano. “If you want to help the family and you have a name, you must contact Polícia Judiciária and give them that name”, said Clarence Mitchell to Toscano, who “considers that cooperation with the (McCann) family is crucial, because they are the key to solve this puzzle”. The Spanish journalist explained (to Virginia Lopez, journalist of “El Mundo”): “If they (that McCann family) were followed, it's necessary to know their movements to try to get the person responsible for the crime”, said Mr Antonio Toscano.

Polícia Judiciária (Portuguese CID) said repeatedly that any information will be received and analysed, and they were willing to have a meeting with Toscano, if he could came to Algarve. “We can´t organize the trip, either the family does it or we can´t do nothing” (*). As McCann family didn't agree to that, Portuguese Police asked Spanish Police to get Toscano and collect the informations he had. According to Toscano, “Madeleine could have been kidnapped by request from a paedophile, who could have paied for her abduction an amount of money superior to the reward offered for a reliable clue about her location, reward that is over four million Euro.

Paulo Reis
Gazeta Digital
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(1) Note and correction: “largo por detrás”, in Spanish - I think this is a mistake, because Polícia Judiciária description didn't mention this physical detail – but they said he had "short hair in the front, long hair in the back" – and this reference may have been wrongly translated to Spanish as “largo por detrás”, "long in the back". I also made a mistake, translating "largo por detrás", to English, and wrote "strongly built". But "largo por detras" would mean "long, or large in the back", wich didn't make sense, on that context. So, probably, a phrase was lost, in the story published in "El Mundo". It should be like this:" Con pelo corto, en frente e largo por detrás" = "with short hair, in front, and long hair, in the back". (Jun 12, 2007 - 20:06)


Inerview with Mr.Toscano published in “El Mundo” – Spanish language

Un periodista que investiga el caso asegura conocer al autor del secuestro de la niña británica en el Algarve
VIRGINIA LOPEZ. Especial para EL MUNDO (June 7, 2007)

LISBOA.- Ha pasado más de un mes desde la desaparición de Madeleine McCann y aunque la Policía Judicial portuguesa asegura que no han dejado de trabajar en el caso, lo cierto es que los días pasan y no hay novedades en relación al posible paradero de la niña británica de cuatro años de edad, desaparecida del hotel en el que dormía en Praia da Luz, en el Algarve, el pasado 3 de mayo. Sus padres, Katie y Gerry, han iniciado una gira europea, primero Roma y Madrid, después Berlín y Amsterdam, para hacer llegar la foto de su hija a todos los rincones de Europa. Hasta ahora no se ha divulgado más que la descripción de un hombre de raza caucásica, de 1,75 metros y pelo oscuro, largo por detrás, entre 35 y 40 años, que podría haber llevado a una niña envuelta en una sábana la noche de la desaparición vistiendo chaqueta oscura y pantalón claro.

Este hombre tiene nombre y apellidos y el periodista de investigación Antonio Toscano, quien desde hace años trabaja en desapariciones similares, asegura conocerlo. Según sus averiguaciones, el supuesto secuestrador de Madeleine fue visto en Sevilla, una semana antes de la desaparición, afirmando que se dirigía al Algarve para visitar a unos amigos. Estas dos personas se conocían de frecuentar el Bar Arny -en el que en 1995 se destapó un caso de abuso y prostitución de menores; tres años después muchos de los famosos imputados salieron sin cargos, aunque ninguno fue condenado en esa operación. Lo que sí ha podido averiguar Toscano y ha declarado a EL MUNDO es que el supuesto raptor de Maddie, que habría actuado por encargo junto con otras dos personas, ya ha cumplido pena por un delito de pedofilia fuera de España, y podría estar trabajando dentro de una red internacional a nivel europeo. «La pequeña Maddie no fue casualidad y fue seleccionada mucho antes de su desaparición, probablemente en Gran Bretaña», afirmó Toscano.

Cuando la información llegó a sus manos, este periodista de investigación se ofreció a los padres de la niña para intentar ayudar a encontrar a Madeleine. Desde el primer momento, Clarence Mitchell, portavoz de los McCann, se mostró favorable a que se produjera el encuentro, siempre y cuando el periodista español estuviera dispuesto a trabajar de manera conjunta con la Policía Judicial portuguesa, ya que los padres de Maddie han insistido en que cualquier información sobre el paradero de la niña tendría que pasar antes por las autoridades policiales.

Sin embargo, los días han ido transcurriendo y tras un par de llamadas, ninguna persona del entorno de los McCann ha dado el paso para acercarse a Toscano. «Si quiere ayudar a la familia y tiene un nombre, entonces que llame a la Policía Judicial lusa y lo dé», pidió Clarence a Toscano, quien entiende que «la colaboración con la familia es fundamental porque ellos son una pieza clave del rompecabezas», explicó el periodista diciendo que, si han sido seguidos, es necesario saber sus movimientos para intentar llegar al autor del delito.

Por su parte, la Policía Judicial portuguesa ha afirmado en varias ocasiones que cualquier información será bien recibida, y estaban dispuestos a encontrarse con Toscano, si viajaba al Algarve para reunirse con ellos. «No nos compete organizar el viaje, o lo hace la familia o nosotros no podemos hacer nada», informó el portavoz de la Policía Judicial, Olegario Sousa. Ante la falta de respuesta de la familia, los investigadores portugueses han movido ficha y la policía judicial española se reunirá con Toscano para recibir las informaciones que éste tiene.Según Toscano, Madeleine podría haber desaparecido a manos de un pedófilo que podría haber pagado por su secuestro una cantidad de dinero superior a la recompensa ofrecida por una pista fiable sobre su paradero, que supera los cuatro millones de euros.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paolo!
Did you ever contact Mr.Antonio Toscano? It would be very interesting what he will say about your inverstigations about him.It would be an attempt to get more information about his motives and what he really wants.
Regards Tom

Paulo Reis said...

Mr. Anonymous:

Only today a Spanish journalist send me a mobile phone that, it seems, belong to Mr. Tosaco. Since the first hour I've been trying to get in touch with him and send several mails to people that, aparently, shares his idea of a international satanic organization that is behund every child kidnaping..


Paulo Reis said...


Somebody can tell me, the distance between LEICESTER CITY and SOME OF THE MAIN CITIES of South Yorkshire area, LIKE SHEFFIELD? Or/and send me a map where I can find the city of Leicester and the biggest cities of South Yorkshire?

Same thing for the geographical position and distance from LEICESTER CITY TO NORTH EAST AREA (MAIN CITIES) and MANCHESTER.

Thank you.

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Tom said...

Hi Paulo!
you can use google maps for this:

you can use the route planner to get a more or less good result. From Leicaster to Sheffield google maps returned a distance of approx 70,1 miles.
Do you think the Peter WHETHERLEY case has anything to with the Madeleine case? Of course his appearance matches the description of the key witness.

Regards Tom

Paulo Reis said...


Send me an email...

Thank you,

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...


Thank you for the tip about the interview of Mr. Toscano with the Norwegian newspaper.

Take a look at this:

..and this:

Paulo Reis

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I am a journalist based in Goa, India, and would like to send you news from here if interested. FN fred at

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo,
interesting developement concerning to Mr. Toscano i think. He must be really obsessed if he comes to Lagos.


Regards Tom

Paulo Reis said...


Thank you for calling my attention for that! I already posted a comment on that story:


Admira-me como alguém ainda dá credibilidade ao António Toscano, depois do que Clarence Mitchell, porta-voz da família McCann, referiu publicamente, àcerca dos contactos que teve com esse senhor:

Eleven reasons why Mr. António Toscano is a hoaxer - 20.06.07

Paulo Reis
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Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever wondered whether the Portugese police, or high ranking members, may be covering up information, and not wanting to take Toscano seriously because they have members who are 'in on' some poeadophile ring? I read that in the past there has been records of abuse of children from a state run orphanage in Portugal, by high ranking Portugese officials. Maybe Toscano wanted to speak directly to the McCanns and not via the police because he knows this.

Paulo Reis said...


I read in the past that there has been records about YOU abusing children from a state run orphanage in UK, that YOU may be covering up information, and YOU are taking Toscano seriously because YOU are a member of some pedophile ring.

May you are posting anonymously because, as you may be a pedophile, you don't want police to find that it's you who is posting the MOST STUPID, RACIST, NEO-NAZI AND SCHIZOPHRENIC comment I ever saw, on the Web.


Paulo Reis

PS - Look for medical help. It's urgent, believe me. I know they can't do nothing about the fact that you were born without a brain, but they can do something about your SCHIZOPHRENIA...

Cinthia said...

Olá Paulo
Achei muito interessante a hipótese de investigação do britânico Peter WHETHERLEY . Gostaria de saber se essa hipótese já foi levantada pela polícia. Conheci seu excelente trabalho apenas essa semana, então não sei se você repassa de alguma forma essas questões `a polícia. Postei um comentário ontem que já foi aprovado e aparece no blog, mas não obtive resposta a respeito de haver ou não a sua página em português ou se as informações estão apenas em português. Obrigada