Madeleine’s "alleged" kidnapper, “El Francés” (“The Frenchman”) a.k.a Bernard Alapetite

Almost two months after he made the first contacts with Portuguese Police, the Spanish “investigative” journalist was yesterday, May 27, at Polícia Judiciária headquarters, in Portimão. Questioned by journalists about his successful results in finding missing children (“14, in a total of 15 cases”) Toscano refused to give details about where the cases happened, saying only that the investigations took place “in Europe”. Asked for more details about who were the children, he said that they were “private cases” and refused to elaborate.

SIC Notícias, a Portuguese News channel, said that the information submitted by Antonio Toscano was “one more line of investigation”, according to a non-identified Police source. “El Francês” (“The Frenchman”), who was responsible for the kidnapping of Madeleine, according to Toscano, is known by the Police, as he was arrested 11 years ago, in an operation against a paedophile ring, in France, said SIC Notícias.

Antonio Toscano came to Portugal with a friend, Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro, who identified himself as chairman of “Asociación de Defesa de Niños Vítimas de Corruptión Sexual Infantil” (“Association for the Defence of Children Victim of Sexual Abuse”). Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro was sentenced to one year and 5 months in jail, in 2006, for false accusations against “several personalities of Benicarló”, a small seaside town 100 km North of Valencia, in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, according to “”, a Spanish newspaper. Another newspaper, “El Periódico Mediterraneo”, has more information about what seems to be the same case.

Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro called “children killer” and “paedophile” to Carlos Fabra, the president of “Diputación Provincial” of Castellón (the local Government of the “province of Castellón” an administrative department of Spain), during a public meeting at the Municipal Council Forum, on March 9, 2004. Carlos Fabra was accused, in 2002, of being part of a paedophile ring based at a bar in Castellón (“Bar España”).

One of the first denouncers of the aleged paedophile ring at “Bar España” was Mr. Reinaldo Colás himself, in 1997. He was embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Dunja Adcock, for the custody of their two daughters, after he complained to the authorities that the girls, aged 3 and 5 years old, could have been subjected to sexual abuse by the man that was living with his ex-wife, former FC Milan president Giuseppe Farina.

The judge Sofia Díaz, from Vinados Court, dismissed the case, after a police investigation concluded that there was no evidence of sexual abuse. Reinaldo Colás appealed and allegedly presented several tape records with videos that included conversations with Antonio Peraire, a regular client of the bar and a man accused of connections with paedophilia rings, according to Barcelona Independent Media Center.

Antonio Peraire identified, in those tapes, other clients and children that were sexually abused at “Bar España” (including one of the daughters of Reinaldo Colás). The same witness accused the former FC Milan president (who, he said, used to bring a camera to the bar, to shoot videos of adults having sex with children) a former judge, Ramón J.P, also the judge that dismissed the first case, Sofia Díaz, and Carlos Fabra, a proeminent politician from Aznar’s “Partido Popular”, of being regular clients at Bar España. Child porno videos were shoot at one of the rooms in the upper floor of the bar, said also Antonio Peraire, according to Barcelona Independent Media Center.

In 2000, a 18 years old girl, Maria J. G, grandchild of the cooker of the bar, seemed to confirm the statements of that witness, giving more details: the judge Sofia Díaz used to participate in those sexual encounters, dressed only with his black gown. Another man is mentioned, in both statements: Bernard Alapetite, “El Francés” (“The Frenchman”), participated in the sexual abuse of children and was in several videos filmed at “Bar España”, writes the Barcelona Independent Media Center.

Bernard Alapetite, a.k.a “El Francés”, was arrested in June 1997, by French Police, in an operation that put 323 people under investigation and 24 detained. Alapetite was a producer of legal homossexual porno movies, but had also a illegal business, buying foreign movies of young boys being raped, copying and selling those videos for 120 Us dollars each. In 2000, Bernard Alapetite, 47 years old at the time, was sentenced to three years in jail by a French Court from Macon, south western France.

This is the same man Toscano told journalists, yesterday, after the hearing at Polícia Judiciária, in Portimão, that “has Madeleine with him”. “El Francés”, as the Spanish journalist said, “will make no harm to Madeleine”, Gerry and Kate McCann “don’t need to worry”. But Bernard Alapetite, a.k.a. “El Francés” (according to Antonio Toscano and his friend Reinaldo Colás) after serving his three years in jail, went back to his legal bussiness and produced two movies, for the gay & lesbian circuit, in 2005 and 2006: “Comme un frère” (“Like a brother”, that can be bought at “” for 9,65 pounds) and “Vincent River”, also available at “”. He is one of the “bloggers” at “Les Toiles Roses” where he published a chronicle on May 2 (the day before Madeleine was abducted) a movie’s critic about “300” and “Ne touchez pas la hache”. On May 27, wrote a second chronicle about the Gilbert & George exibition, at “Tate Modern”, in London – and the text seems to suggest that he was there.

His movie “Comme un frère” (“Like a brother”) is on the list of movies for the “13th Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival”, scheduled for next month – July 12 to 24, 2007. He seems to be a regular presence at the gay & lesbian film festivals, as he has received the “ALTERNATIVE SPIRIT AWARD”, at “2005 Rhode Island International Film Festival”.

But the case against the alleged clients of the paedophile ring at “Bar España”, in Castellón, was dismissed, after a Policia Judicial (Spanish CID) investigation concluded that there was no evidence to support the claims of Reinaldo Colás Navarro and other witnesses. Contradictions were found in the witnesses' statements and the court sentence, quoting the Police final report, said that all the implicated “were well known people in the area, and it was easy to accuse them of being related with people with criminal records, without any evidence to support it”.

The “Bar España” case was very similar to the “Bar Arny” case, in a different place and with a different denouncer: Mr. Antonio Toscano. In his interview with “El Mundo”, on June 8, when Mr Toscano first made the public revelation that he knew the name of Madeleine's kidnapper, he said also that the abductor and the witness that saw him in Seville (the source of Mr. Antonio Toscano's information) “met when they were both regular clients of Bar Arny (or Arnie) the operational base of a network of child prostitution, uncovered in 1995. “A few well known people were accused" of being part of the network “but nobody went to jail”, writes “El Mundo” (*). Mr Toscano claimed to have uncovered that paedophile network. But nobody went to jail “because most witnesses, including nº 1 witness, retracted from their accusations, and almost all of the 48 men accused were acquitted”, according to on line edition of ABC Spanish newspaper.

Just like his friend Reinaldo Colás Navarro, Mr. Antonio Toscano took the case again to the Spanish Police, after he was allegedly threatened and beaten by members of that paedophile network. The case was dismissed, by courts in the cities of Valencia and Castellón, as groundless, and whitout evidence to support it. Mr Toscano didn't give up and appealed to Spanish Supreme Court, “Audiência Nacional”. On March 4, 2005, Spanish Supreme Court rejected the appeal, based on a report of Policia Judicial (Spanish CID) of Castellón, who had investigated the complaints about the existence of a child prostitution ring that “was responsible for kidnappings and murders of children”, denounced by Antonio Toscano. “The Police investigation didn't found any evidence of the existence of any organized network of that kind” considered the Spanish Supreme Court, according to a newspaper of Valencia, “Levante – El Mercantil Valenciano”.

One of the accused in the “Arny Bar” case, denounced by Antonio Toscano, was Jesús Vázquez Martínez, 42 years old, now. In 2006 he was a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR, the United Nations organization for refugees and the image of an Amnesty International campaign against homosexual persecution. . A Spanish TV star, even before the “Arny” case, he only went “out of the closet” and made public his homosexuality after being accused of child abuse, in that case: “I don't know who planned that treacherous plot, what interests where behind it”, he said, on an interview with “El País”, in November 2006. “I served a sentence, while I was innocent: the case lasted two years and I was, for five months, in house arrest, from eight in the morning to six o'clock in the afternoon.” The under aged witness that accused him, later admitted that he never saw Jesús Vázquez before, in his life. Jesús Vasquez (1) and other accused said they went to “Arny Bar” because it was place of meeting for homosexuals – but they always denied that child abuse took place in the bar.

(*) The story is online, but only available to subscribers of “El Mundo”. A full Spanish version and a brief English translation are available, here.

CORRECTION (June 28, 09:18 am): (1) "Jesús Vasquez never was there, and other accused said they went to “Arny Bar” because it was a place of meeting for homosexuals – but they always denied that child abuse took place in the bar. "


Anonymous said...

Paulo, this is all very interesting from Toscana, but I wonder why he says that Madeleine is safe with "The Frenchman", how can anyone be safe with a character with thatkind of history? Also, if she is safe with him, why is he still holding her and what does he plan to do next? All seems very strange to me that Toscana would publicly say all this and potentially put himself in danger by naming these people. Unless he is trying to cause a smoke screen/distraction. Part of me hopes that this claim is pure hoax as I cannot think of anythng worse for Madeleine. Do hope that you manage to find out more. Thanks for your reports, Rachel

Anonymous said...

Paulo, why are you trying to get Bernard Alpetite to contact you urgently????

Anonymous said...

Paulo, why are you trying to contact Bernard Alpetite so urgently? DO you know something we don't??

Paulo Reis said...

"frio": That's how I earn my living: I discover things first most of people does (and even before some journalists with BIG NWESPAPERS and BIG MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS...) and than I publish the facts that I discovered.

But I can answer you: I want to talk with him to get the final clarification concerning this subject of being or not the man that kidnapped Madeleine, according to "investigative" journalist Antonio Toscano. I have a few indications and tips about where he was, between the end of April and May 6, and also between May 12 and May 24. I just want to confirm those indications and those tips. And, of course, I want to ask him a few questions:

1 - Did you had something to see with Madeleine's abduction?
2 - Do you know Mr. Antonio Toscano and/or Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro?
3 - What do you think about Mr Toscano accusation that you were the man that kidnapped Madeleine McCann?


Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Here is an e-mail address I found online for Bernard Alpetite - I hope you get in touch with him and see what he has to say.
D from NY

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo,

it's hard to find a photo of Bernard Alapetite in the net. But after some google/msn searches i found one.
For anyone who want to have a look:

Regards Tom

Paulo Reis said...


You gave a lesson of modesty!!!! I tought I was quite good and fast, in the Net, looking for anything... Since I published this story with the links between Anyonio Toscano claims about Madeleine and "El Francés", I've been looking for a picture of him!!! I couldn't find it!

I don't know how to thank you!!!!

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...

D from NY,

Almost (sorry...) the same I said about Tom, I say about you. I found another email adress, from him, but it is not active. You two save my day and gave me a precious help for my next "Special Report", wich will be only about Bernard Alapetite, a.k.a. "El Francés".

Paulo Reis

annet said...

And again`; why so eager to put down this toscano person? One thing is for sure: this Berard Alapetite is a total perverd. Even when he is not with Madeleine...
Do not understand that french authorities let this man go home, after a few years in prison.. And now he is back into 'lega' bussiness? Pardon?????
It is really a shame!!!