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Searches at Murat's home called off for the night - 05.08.07
Portuguese weekly “Sol” : "Looking for Maddie’s body" - 04.08.07
Murat didn't travelled alone in his return to Portugal - 04.08.07
New searches in Murat's home - 04.08.07
Madeleine possible sighting in Belgium: view of the restaurant "De Pauze" - 02.08.07
Possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Tongres, Belgium: e-fit of the suspect - 02.08.07
Possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Tongres, Belgium - 02.08.07
Spanish Court orders Italian Danilo Chemello to be freed - 31.07.07
Robert Murat gave his ex-wife address when he rented a car on May 12 - 29.07.07
Help finding Rui Pedro – a missing Portuguese child - 29.07.07
The mysterious Sotogrande couple - 27.07.07
Portuguese experts dismiss possibility of prosecution of Gerry and Kate - 27.07.07
Robert Murat interview with Sky News: Portuguese CID "is analysing the facts, in order to decide what action will be taken" - 13.07.07
Friends of McCann questioned by Portuguese CID - 12.07.07
Robert Murat questioned a second time by Portuguese CID - 10.07.07
The truth about Leonor Cipriano (mother of "another missing girl"…) "beaten" and "tortured" by Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral - 09.07.07
Portuguese CID spokesman: “Sightings of Madeleine McCann out of Portugal are groundless” - 08.07.07
Alípio Ribeiro, head of Portuguese CID: Antonio Toscano's informations “don't deserve particular credibility” from Police - 30.06.07
Arrests in Spain not connected to Madeleine abduction, says PJ spokesman - 24.06.07
Gangs selling children at public auctions in supermarket car-parks in Portugal (Sky News) - 23.06.07
False alarm on flight from Switzerland - 23.06.07
Ray Roberts, who says he saw Madeleine in Malta, never contacted local police - 22.06.07
Malta's Police confirms: Girl seen was not Madeleine - 19.06.07
Video from Morocco: Police and newspaper have contradictory versions - 21.06.07
Timetable: what happened after Madeleine’s abduction (I) - 21.06.07
"Journalist” who claims to know the name of Madeleine's abductor is an hoaxer - 10.06.07

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