Sightings of Madeleine McCann out of Portugal are groundless

Portuguese authorities have dismissed as groundless all leads on sightings of Madeleine McCann in other countries rather than Portugal, namely in Morroco and Malta, said Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Portuguese CID, spokesman Olegário de Sousa.
The claims and reports of Madeleine or «look-alike» four years old girls sightings in Malta, Morroco and other countries were throughly checked and proved to be groundless, said Chief Inspector Olegário de Sousa, quoted by Diário de Notícias, a leading Lisbon newspaper.
All leads were followed up by the police but none turned out to be positive, reports Diário de Notícias in its Sunday edition. Further investigations are being carried out centered mainly on the area of Praia da Luz itself, said Mr. Olegário de Sousa. «The clue to this mistery is in Praia da Luz», according to other police source quoted by Diário de Notícias.
Madeleine disappeared from the holiday apartment where she was staying with her parents and brothers in Praia De Luz, Portugal, on 3 May. (08.07.07)


James Franklin Lawton said...

The last person to see Madeline McCann was Mathew Oldfield one of the McCann inner circle of friends. He was checking the children of all the inner circle of friends and saw her sleeping in her bedroom with siblings at about 9:30 P.M. All was well. When Kate McCann checked the bedroom at 10:00 P.M. Madeline was gone. That means Madeline McCann was abducted about 9:45 P.M. plus or minus not many minutes. As to the number of possibilities it happens that May 3 2007 the Atlantic Ocean "slack tide" was predicted for 9:53 P.M. at Lagos, Paraiah da Luz and Burgau and other nearby communities (Burgau is two miles distance west from Paraiah da Luz). An analogy of slack tide is the peaceful quiet eye (center) of a hurricane. But in a relatively few minutes the wind arrives again from the opposite direction. The same with the tide and surf crashing on the shore which arrives again with an opposite directional tide in a relatively few minutes. During slack tide a boat without assist of motors can be quietly rowed out beyond the surf, then with the surf beginning to crash again on the shore with the opposite tide beginning the boat motors are now turned on not being heard on shore and the boat reaches the mother ship out in international waters in less than one hour and Madeline is handed over to the mother ship. Paraiah da Luz is now a tourist community without much of a fishing fleet but Burgau is just two miles to the west and nearly a pure fishing community. Burgau would understand the slack tide although it perhaps is no longer understod in Paraiah da Luz and Lagos. It is just one possible way Madeline McCann disappeared. The police should have had there force in numbers the following days in Burgau investigating and not over in Lagos in a nearby recreational marina. But then Luz and many communities are not Burgau and know much more about recreational boat marinas and tourism than the ocean and fishing for a living. Rather than go east the police in force should have gone a couple of miles west. There is also the colobama in the right lower eye of Madeline McCann. Colobomas are common but still the coloboma would cause her to be identified anywhere but in a muslim family where she was veiled. The coloboma of Madeline McCann was a black bridge that flowed out of her black pupil spanning the blue iris of her eye to the white of her eye and by a black muslim of Africa they being very much absorbed by good omens and bad omen this was definetly a prised good omen and could be interpreted as "child who brings peace to the world". A rich black African muslim might very much prise her as a daughter and have taken her. He will not want to give her back.

Lorraine said...

I think that this is one of the better possibilities, and frankly if my child were missing I would hope for something like this to be the case, but tell me, how do you know of these things?

Lorraine said...

I think that this is one of the better possibilities, and one that I haven't heard before. Frankly, if she were my child, I would wish for it to be something like this instead of the alternatives. Why are you suggesting this theory? How do you know about these things, or now did you learn of them?