"Top 10" British Press Gutter News and Journalists

(To be continued)


kc said...


there are only 4 here..... while now it's so easy to add a few more.... or did you just stop.. because of the avalanche of gutter from 'the island'.... hahaha

Anonymous said...

I don't know why my 2 comments on the Nazi inspired website for finding Madeline were not copied down in the comments by the moderator.

Since my comments were not abusive, badly spelled or containing any swearing or defamatory comments, and in fact supported the original tone of the site, I can only assume that it is some editorial reasons, similar to the ones being hysterically repeated and denounced on here.

Having studied Ethics at University, I find that this fact wholly discredits Sr. Reis in my eyes irrevocably, and despite me continuing to be sure that they did it, ashamed at the press coverage in the UK, and that as a Latin in the UK feel in particular the racism.

This was what minded me to write an email to the PJ condemming that racist/defamatory story in the Find Madeline website landing page. After seeing this on the GD.

Since that story has now been taken down as a consequence of complaints, but his .gif of the original landing page remains, perhaps then his only intent is to spin his own editorial guise on the story? What other logical reason to omit my comments? None, other than laziness, and yet, a little dialogue with Transfatty Acid and Sr. Reis ensues after I attmted to post my own comment, so it connot be that either, only the editorial one remains, by logical elimination.

As it is, with the bad grammar and spelling, GD all comes across to me as being a bit immature, OVER-guilding the Lilly, as they say.

This is a shame, and is a Latin trait that I am less proud of. Luckily the PJ are showing the classic Latin trait of killing them with kindness and humility and decency since Amaral left.

Thankfully they have not forgotten our better temparmental reaction to these, rather than Mr Reis's, who seems to have made the classic mistake of becoming what he is denouncing.