Gerry and Kate McCann in Huelva, August 3, 2007

The Sun, September 28

Cops: Maddie buried in Spain

“(...) On August 3, the couple drove from the fateful Algarve resort of Praia da Luz across the border to the Spanish town of Huelva to put up posters (...) Once in Spain, the couple were followed around by an army of media (...)"

It is the latest in a string of controversial theories by the Portuguese — many of which have been discredited. To bolster their latest idea — leaked to one of the country’s newspapers — police say it was: SUSPICIOUS the trip was postponed from the day before — because Gerry had intestinal problems.

Sky News, August 2

Madeleine Push Delayed As Gerry Sick

Updated: 12:40, Thursday August 02, 2007

“A new push to publicise the search for Madeleine McCann has had to be delayed as the four-year-old's father is suffering from a stomach bug. Updated posters of Madeleine have been printed in the latest appeal for information. Gerry and Kate McCann had been due to travel to the Spanish city of Huelva to begin handing out the posters and meet politicans. The fresh campaign is timed to coincide with the upcoming 100-day milestone since Madeleine's abduction in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz. But the plans have been put on hold until Mr McCann has recovered from his illness (...)”

Sky News, August 3

Madeleine Campaign Shifts Up A Gear

Updated: 19:08, Friday August 03, 2007

Madeleine McCann's parents are distributing a new poster of the missing four-year-old. New poster distributed in Spain. Kate and Gerry McCann are in Huelva in Spain, close to the Portuguese border. They are putting up posters of Madeleine across the city exactly three months after her abduction. Madeleine's mother has already distributed the posters in shops around Praia da Luz, the Portuguese resort where she went missing.

Critical Estoppel

Madeleine publicity push delayed after Gerry McCann is struck by stomach bug

by WM on Thu 02 Aug 2007 18:58 BST

Madeleine publicity push delayed after Gerry McCann is struck by stomach bug. The latest push to find Madeleine McCann has had to be delayed because her father Gerry is suffering from a stomach bug. New posters of the four-year-old have been printed in the latest appeal for information and both Gerry and Kate were due to arrive at the Spanish city of Huelva to distribute them. However Gerry McCann, who was said to have returned home exhausted after his recent US trip, has had to put their plans on hold.

The Daily Sport, August 4


Experts check drink bottle after sightingYesterday, the McCanns travelled from Praia da Luz to Huelva in Spain. They put up posters of Madeleine and prayed in a cathedral there.


The_Truth_Is_Out_There said...

And on all this trip, with the photographers in attendance, the McCanns not only transported a rotting, stinking corpse whose odour would have been evident from many feet away from the vehicle (trust me, I've smelt a rotting human corpse in Africa, you never forget that stench for the rest of your life), but then removed it and buried it too! And they even found time to smile, act normal and hand out leaflets, and nobody noticed the 'smell of death' which was stuck to their clothing and body by being in such proximity to a decomposing child for many hours in a hot, enclosed vehicle. Truly they are not only criminal masterminds but the World's greatest actors! Hey, perhaps one of the photographers filmed the burial?! We could be about to witness a break-through by the brave and clever Portuguese Police! Or perhaps not...

Anonymous said...

Ar the PJ completely off the wall!!! Do they seriously expect anyone to believe this theory. They had better get their act together or they are most definietly going to cause irrepariable damage to the tourist industary in the Algarve. I know numerous people who have regularly holidayed in the Algarve but would never go back again due the lact of competience and corrpution of the PJ. No tourist would feel safe if the action of the PJ to date are anything to go on.

Have they no sense of humanity towards the parents of Madeline, are they so narrowminded that they can not look beyond the parents of Madeline and seek out the real cause of Madeline's disapperace. They are portraying Portugal as third world country who have no systems in place to solve real life tragedies.

Anonymous said...

The PJ really are clutching at straws. They are relying so much on Eddie's sense of smell - SURELY if they had put Madeleine in one of the fridges - Eddie would have smelt it. The PJ are more and more showing that they dont have a clue what happened to Madeleine so why not make it up as they go along. How are they coming up with these theories??? Nightmares or too many lunches?