Is this a picture taken from a bus driving at 60 km per hour?


Anonymous said...

Question: is this post with its accusatory heading yet another barbed attempt to portray anyone who claims to have seen Madeleine McCann (or makes any pro-McCann posting) look stupid and/or a liar?

Paulo Reis said...

Just a question... Why does it dusturbs you so much? Have you ever taken a picture from a vehicule driving at 60 km per hour?

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

It looks as though this photo was taken through the windscreen at the front of the vehicle (a mini-bus I believe rather than a coach if I understood the news story correctly) and therefore there would be less obvious distortion than a photo taken from a side window (which would be blurred)? If I understood the original article they said that it was only after they took the photo and then saw the group more clearly in passing that the Madeleine thought crossed their minds? It would also explain why they didn't (couldn't) get the bus to stop. If they were in their own car then they might have stopped but most people would have to feel 110% sure before causing a tour bus to stop? And surely it is better to get this sighting checked out later, rather than ignore it? This is exactly what the McCanns are asking people to do. At least this sighting can now be put to one side. Incidentally, people have wondered why it took a few UK journalists to check out this story and clear it up very quickly whilst all police (especially the Portuguese police) ignored it totally? Put your anti-McCann feelings aside for one moment and at least have the decency to admit that the much-vilified UK press have actually done a good job this time around. In fact the girl does look a little like Madeleine, so I feel this woman did the right thing to hand the photos over. If it had been you, would you not have done the same thing? I do not know whether or not the McCanns are involved in their daughter's case (though I feel that they are innocent), but I try to keep an open mind. Do you have absolute proof they murdered Madeleine? Just curious... Maybe you should just report the news rather than promote your own anti-McCann theories? Perhaps you've been hanging around the Anorak forums too long? The lunatic fringe there can rub off on one I suppose!