Kate McCann could be charged today in connection with Madeleine's disappearance

Kate’s lawyer told her she could be charged today in connection with the disappearance of her daughter, according to Sky News. Brian Kennedy, Madeleine's uncle read a short statement from McCann family and said they continue to believe in Kate and Gerry. Justine McGuiness, the Press Officer for the couple classified that possibility as “ridiculous” and “ludicrous”. Philomena McCann, sister of Gerald McCann, on a interview with Sky News, said that Kate was “furious” with those allegations.


catkins said...

Oh come on...after all this time they have decided that there were inaccuracies with the timings !!!!

Still thinking smokescreen...

susiemac said...


If Kate and Gerry Mccann hired this car five weeks after Madeleine disappeared, has it been checked who if anyone hired this car during those five weeks?


mcr said...

How you feel now, like profissional and like a emotional man?
I hope you are well.mcr

mcr said...

catkins: what is the meaning? Did you know?mcr

Paulo Reis said...

Dear mcr,

I feel sad. I was deeply impressed by Kate McCann look and the suffering I saw at her face, when the McCann couple gave a Press Conference at Praia da Luz, in May. I was very close to them, less than 2 meters, and the pain in her eyes impressed me. I believe I'm so surprised with the last events as many other people. But let's wait and see.

Paulo Reis

mcr said...

I believe in you. "But let´s wait and see". I believe you are sad; but I believe that you are a vry correct person.Probably more emotional than rational. I like a lot read your gazetadigital.
And where is the problem if we commit judgement errors? It´s human.
My son was so troubled with the news.He make to me a call phone and he was so troubled with these news!
He work in another Country like câmara man and go tomorrow.

You must correct my poor english,please. And I wish to you the best.mcr

mcr said...

And I believe also that they are very sad forever.
Even they have commit bad,very bad errors.mcr

Ebeling said...

It is not plea bargaining to suggest to someone that things will go easier on them if they confess, and, not to take another pot-shot at your country, but it DOES seem as if your sentencing is quite lenient. Might two years not be within your normal sentencing guidelines for manslaughter? I mean, if murder only gets eigth, wouldn't two be reasonable?