The Forensic Science Service, in Birmingham, is analysing several samples collected on another apartment of Ocean Club where, in the early morning of May 4, Portuguese sniffer dogs have signalled the presence of Madeleine McCann.A new set of results will be send to Portugal in the next days. Those results are considered “very important”, as Police expects they can confirm or, at least give strong indications about the presence of Madeleine McCan on the second apartment at Ocean Club. Among the samples of this new set of results are also traces of biological material collected at apartment 5A and in the house the McCann rented, at Praia da Luz, when they left Ocean Club, several weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

The last set of results received by Portugues Police has a low degree of reliability – between 50 to 60 % - which is not enough to be admitted as evidence, on a trial. However, they were useful to help to give more consistency to other clues that Polícia Judiciária, in a close cooperation with British Police, has been collecting during the last four months. A surveillance operation, for example, has been set up one month ago and all movements of the McCann couple were followed closely by Police.One of the first results to be ready was from blood specks found on the wall of the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared.
Those results showed that the blood was not from Madeleine but from a man and the Forensic Science Service preliminary report referred a 72 % degree of reliability. Other blood sample, collected from the floor of the same apartment, matched partially the genetic profile of the missing child, but with a lower degree of reliability, a little bit over 50 %, result that does not allow to say that it belongs to Madeleine.

On Thursday night, Gerry and Kate McCann knew already that they would be named “arguidos” or formal suspects the following day, after the questioning at Portuguese CID headquarters in Portimão. Before that, during meetings between the PJ Inspectors that have been directing this investigation and the British Police liaison team, which received several reports related with the case from Police forces in the UK, all information was checked, once more. The final decision was consensual: the line of inquiry that admitted Madeleine McCann could be dead – which Police first revealed on August 11 - was getting much stronger and the next step should be to name the parents as formal suspects.

Police hopes, now, that the new batch of results to arrive in the next days may have some indications about the area were Madeleine's body could have been placed. When a British Police special team was at Praia da Luz, on July, several samples were collected, in different places far from the Ocean Club, with the help of Eddie and Keela, the two specially trained dogs from South Yorkshire Police able to detect the scent of blood and dead bodies, even months after the incidents occurred.Meanwhile, Gerry, Kate and the twins took a plane, this morning, and are back in Rothley. Gerry McCann read a statement, upon his arrival, appealing to people to keep searching for Madeleine and "remain vigilant". The statement referred, indirectly, their legal situation as "arguidos" and made clear that they "played no part in the disappearance" of their "lovely daughter".

The McCan got the final authorization to go back to Rothley yesterday, late at night, after contacts between their lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, and the Public Prosecutor's Offcie.Family members, who have reacted with anger to the fact that the parents of Madeleine were named as formal suspects, adopted a much lower profile, after their arrival to Rothley. The Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, told the Media that the British Government believed "the Portuguese police have the objective of solving this crime, and most importantly finding Madeleine, and that is what we in our support of the McCanns have tried to do as well." The British Prime-Minister Gordon Brown, who had, previously, shown a strong support for the McCann family, remained silent.

Published at Gazeta Digital front page on September 9, 13h30

Paulo Reis, in Praia da Luz and Duarte Levy, in Leicester

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gwyn said...

regarding dna found on another appartment at the ocean club?who was staying in that appartment at the time of her disappearance?
sure enough this could indicate which direction she might have gone.
had all premises at the ocean club been searched by the british sniffer dogs?
and do you know if any of the mccanns party was present when these dogs picked up scent of death .any reports on who hired the car before the mccanns hired it ?
where was the car on the 3rd may ?
do you know if robert murat is still a suspect?
what became of sergi malinka?
there has been so many lies from them i.e they never spoke on the phone on the night in question, they met next morning this was denied,murat asked friends for an alibi,murats girlfriend and her husband was these the people who an eye witness saw at a petrol station with a little girl fitting the description of madeleine,did the police trace the car and the people?
what about the man seen hanging around the appartment on the night in question was he seen by anybody that day on the beach etc.
and what about the blood found in car ?mccanns hired car 25 days after she had vanished if she was already dead how can her blood be in the car because her body would ave been decomposed and as anybody should know a decomposed body does not BLEED,
where could they have hid her cause didnt the police suggest that kate mccann hid her in a bag before disposing of it 25 days or so later?
if it was stored somewhere inside or outside it would have let off a terrible stench,it would have attracted all types of insects and it would have taken quite a long time for the smell to go away.
portuguese police dogs picked up madeleine`s scent as far as the shop then lost it could a car have been waiting there for her or was she then picked up and carried so dogs wouldnt be able to pick up the scent
the mccanns hired the car 1-2 days before they travelled to meet the pope who had access to the car when they were away?
is that the car that the mccanns wanted when they went to the hire place or is that what was given to them?
there are plenty of other questions that i like to try and get answered but these are important at the moment if they could be answered by yourself or anybody who looks at your blog.
i feel that if the mccanns are charged its just another injustice and the real perpertrator will be loose to re-offend yet again,i believe that the mccanns are innocent and i am 100% behind them .
from a proud father of 4 children
thank you