McCann couple refused to answer questions about blood in their rented car

Gerry and Kate McCann refusal to answer questions about traces of bold found at the van they rented, almost one month after Madeleine disappeared, was the main reason they were named as “arguidos”, according to today's edition of Jornal de Notícias. Police sources quoted by the newspaper say they found this attitude “strange” as both parents of the missing child repeatedly said they were willing to “fully cooperate with the Police investigation”.


John (Uk) said...

Paulo - you mean "blood" not bold and it was a car not a van I think (the TV shows a grey/silver car at least.

James said...

Are the police definitely referring to blood or is it instead bodily fluids that some other media are referring to ?

There has been mention of a police dog marking out the smell of a corpse on the hire car keys - do you know any details on this ?

Monica said...

I hope that the portuguese CID knows that a corpse doesn't bleed!