Portuguese CID puts pressure over the McCann

Investigators form Polícia Judiciária are sure, now, that Madeleine McCann is dead but the results of the analysis from the Forensic Science Service are not strong enough to support charges against the McCann. So, the decision was to put pressure over Kate McCann, first, and than on Gerry McCann. The same strategy will be applied to the McCann friends that had dinner with them, on the night of May 3.

Yesterday, after fifteen hours if questioning, Kate McCann went out from CID headquarters already named as as formal suspect. The same would happen to Gerry McCann, eight hours later. But the long questioning didn't achieved the results PJ expected – to find exactly what happened to Madeleine, if she was the victim of an accidental death or not. Police doesn't have strong evidence about the eventual responsibility of the McCann couple in what happened to Madeleine but they are convinced – if the reliability of the results from FSS isn't challenged – that the couple has hide and transported a corpse.

The problem is that, after more than one month, Portuguese Police doesn't have yet the results for all the samples that were sent to Birmingham. That is the reason why Police can't go forward with the investigation and is not able to charge any suspect. The evidence used in the long questioning of Gerry and Kate McCann came from the results send from FSS, but also from the contraditions on the statements of McCann's friends, about what heppened on the night of May 3.

Kate McCann's explanations for the scent of a corpse in her clothes and in the pink toy of Madeleine seem to be quite solid. A source from the Health Center where she works, in Leicester city, confirmed that there was at least one case where the mother of Madeleine was in close contact with a dying patient, just a few days before she left to Portugal.

Meanwhile the Media "circus" reached unbelievable proportions, in Algarve. More than 200 foreign journalists were in front of CID headquarters and Police had to cordon off a large area in the city centre to allow them space to work. CNN has five teams in place and one the most famous TV shows, “The Larry King Live”, was broadcasted from Portimão, yesterday. The criminologist Moita Flores was critical about all of this Media attention which, in his opinion, may disturb the investigation, omparing it to what happened during the O.J. Simpson trial.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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Anonymous said...

There would be no scent on Kate McCann's clothes from a dying person. The scent is only there when a corpse is 2 hours old. As an ordinary GP, she would rarely be attending a corpse which is more than 2 hours old.

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid. Of course she would attend deaths.
GP's have to certify the deathe of a patient in their home sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Why are they sure Madeleine has died? If they are will they not make an official announcement to this effect? It seem disrespectful to Madeleine not to do this if it is true. Let alone her family and lastly to the British public. Is this not a procedure adopted in Portugal? Hope you can answer these questions for me Paulo.

As to the time a dog can pick up the scent of a cavadar, the spokesperson for the PJ did say this could happen within minutes of someone dying. So this would apply also to the scent on clothes.

Thanking you in anticipation. Regards Marion.