Father Jonathan Morris

Father Marcial Maciel

Cardinal Murphy O’Connor

Father Haynes Hubbard

Father José Pacheco

Dr John Sentamu


Anonymous said...

The Legionnaires of Christ have a documented history of sexual abuse of children. See wikipedia entry for more information.

Marcea said...

In regards to Fr. Jonathan Morris, who worked with Mel Gibson on Passion of the Christ, it would seem that Gazeta Digital has something in common with the awful Fox News, since both believe that Mel Gibson is an anti-semite (except that he isn't).

I applaud the efforts of Paulo Reis in trying to show the other side of the McCann story. I don't like how the Portuguese are being persecuted by the British media. But the persecution of the Portuguese is minimal compared to the media persecution of Mel Gibson (especially by Fox News) for daring to make a Christian film.

Paulo Reis has seen just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to media manipulation of the masses.