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    tracey said...

    I've only briefly scanned your site, but you have a lot to say about British media coverage of the case. What is your opinion of the Portuguese coverage? Do you think it's been fair, objective and ethical?

    Also, knowing a little about Portugal, it's amusing the attention Clarence Mitchell gets and the obsession with him and his 'connections'. This says more about Portugal and the way your society works than the McCanns. I mean, just because Portuguese society is all about connections and 'the system' and who you know, don't judge everyone by your standards.

    mc said...
    Elizabeth Smart- a adolescente EU,raptada durante 9 meses e cujo pai se encontrou com Gerry num talk show. Entretanto,estes pais chamaram logo por ajuda e CLARO que tudo ficou contaminado.
    Como são EU (passou-se em 2002) já há livro e filme.

    Elizabeth Smart Story -pesquisa-e muito para ler.

    mc said...

    YouTube - Abduction, The Megumi Yokota Story
    Trailer for the film, "Abduction, The Megumi Yo... (more ...
    3 min 23 seg -
    história verdadeira: sul coreana de 13 anos ,raptada por...norte coreanos.

    mc said...

    Correcção com mais informações:
    Crime, Documentary
    Patty Kim, Chris Sheridan
    Teruaki Masumoto, Sakie Yokota, Shigeru Yokota, Chris Sheridan
    A 13-year-old girl was kidnapped from her home in Japan taken to North Korea and used as a language spy. For 20 years, she has been missing.