Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Portfolio (I) - Pictures from Praia da Luz

Copyright : Paulo Reis - Gazeta Digital (

WARNING: Pictures posted here have printing quality. Any organization, institution, private company, media company, newspaper, magazine or TV is authorized to use and reproduce freely those pictures, with the condition that its use is directly related with the publication of news, TV broadcasting or any other initiative that has the SINGLE and EXCLUSIVE PURPOSE of helping to publicize the case of Madeleine’s abduction, her pictures and appeals for help and/or information that can contribute to bring her back home. Any individual or organization that uses these pictures for other purposes, mainly with profitable and/or financial intentions will be prosecuted. When reproduced and/or used, pictures must be signed: Paulo Reis - Gazeta Digital. (*)

(*) - I’ll appreciate if anyone who uses one of my pictures could send me a link or a scanning from where it has been published…

Mccann's parents Press Conference - 02:45 pm, May 2 2oo7

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