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Bernard Alapetite (a.k.a. “El Francés”) to Gazeta Digital:”I was in Portugal for the last time in 1977”

“I just came back from holidays and I think those informations and accusations are ridicule. I don’t know who you are. I'll just tell you that I was in Portugal, for the last time, in 1977” – This is a full translation from the reply that Bernard Alapetite, the man accused by Spanish “investigative journalist” Antonio Toscano of being the kidnapper of Madeleine McCann, sent to Gazeta Digital, after we asked him a few questions about Toscano's accusations. Gazeta Digital managed to get the email addresses (with a little help of our readers), phone numbers and home and office addresses from Mr. Bernard Alapetite and we contacted him, with these questions:

1 – Are you responsible for the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann?
2 – Do you know Mr. Antonio Toscano and/or Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro?
3 – Do you have anything to say about the accusations of Mr. Antonio Toscano against you?

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Mr. Bernard Alapetite answered through the above referred short email and rejected other attempts to contact him again.

His activity as a successful movie director, for the gay & lesbian circuit, is quite recent: a film, in 2005 and the recording, in 2006, of a play in DVD, “Vincent River”. The movie “Like a Brother” was presented at more than a dozen film festivals, including London and Lisbon (9th Gay & Lesbian Film festival, 2005). But Mr. Bernard Alapetite published also several books with pictures of young boys, as referred in the site “La Garconnière”, a blog with a clear warning in its front page:” This is a gay adult oriented site dedicated to teenage boy beauty in movies and photography. Upon entrance to this site you are signifying that you are at least 18 years of age. If you don't want to see images of beautiful teen boys, please leave this site.”

In the portfolios shown at that blog, there are images of boys that seem to be as young as 10/12, taken in California, USA, in a style that remembers the once “fashionable” Mapplethorpe and his nude pictures of 4/5 years old children. Bernard Alapetite is also mentioned in two sites that defend what they call the "right" to legal sexual relations between adults and children: Clogo and Ipce Web Site. In both cases, they reproduce stories published in the French Press, about the “Operation Ado71”, when 700 hundred persons were arrested, all over France, and 61 accused (including Bernard Alapetite) of “possession of objects obtained through the offence of the corruption of minors”. The two stories (from Le Monde and Libération) raise some doubts about the evidence presented in court concerning the accusations of possessing paedophile material.

There is another area where Mr. Bernard Alapetite had an “interesting” activity: the political field. He was one of the collaborators of “Gaie France Magazine”, an extreme-right homosexual publication, where the man referred as “El Francés” by Antonio Toscano advertised also his 48 pages photographic album entitled “Beach Boys: A reflect of the most beautiful adolescence”. The selling of the magazine to people under 18 years old was forbidden in 1992, because of what French authorities considered “incitations to paedophilia” and the magazine closed in 1993.

Another extreme-right publication where Mr. Alapetite wrote was “Defense de L’Occidente”. In one of its editions of 1976, his name appears with other well known extreme-right politicians, like the Spanish José Antonio Primo de Rivera and the Holocaust negacionist René Faurisson.

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Anonymous said...

ich verstehe nicht, warum diesen Alapetite nicht schon längst jemand ermordet hat. So eine Mißgeburt von Mensch mit solchen Vorlieben gehören für mich alle ausgelöscht.